New Season, New Mindset…Time for Transformation!


As the fall is vastly approaching, I always think of all the things I can do to get a fresh start. Have you thought about the same and doing things like going through the closets to identify what can donated, cleaning that room you have been putting off, or start exercises to become more active. We all experience this at one point or another, especially when the seasons change. It reminds us that change is coming, and that requires a form of transformation. You are everchanging as the seasons, and will have moments where transformation is needed, but the question is when?

Transformation is the act or process of transforming from one state to another. For us, it is a state of mind, how you think accept, process, act….our perception of ourselves. When you make the decision to do something different than what you have done in the past, that is the start of transformation. Taking action on the thought and completing the cycle of that action is transformation.

So, take some time to think about where you are, and do an assessment on things you like and dislike about where you are, and write it down. Think about what you would like to change about yourself, personally or professionally. Think about what action you can take to change or modify to improve yourself.  There are several activities you can do to assist your thought process like vision boarding, journal writing, or using your social media to review what you were doing around this time a year ago to remind you of where you were mentally, emotionally, physically, and financially.

Make the commitment to yourself today, you deserve it!

One Comment on “New Season, New Mindset…Time for Transformation!

  1. I love this! Your website is perfect! Very user friendly and it helped me understand Loja Enterprise a lot better. I saw the photos from the last event you had on the 29th. and I am happy that I got a chance to be apart of Greatness. I’m looking forward to coming to the next one. Until then I will be practicing better time management and my new found technique of vision boarding to further transform my business into my vision! Thank you again Ms. Robinson.

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